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Department of Anotomy

Anatomy is the one of the noble subject to know about the entire human body. Anatomy is the basic subject which will introduce the students to the medical terminology like anatomical terms, names of each & every structure of body along with gross anatomy.,

Successive professors & HOD 's list of anatomy department, kmc, knl:

1 Dr. V.A.Rama Murthy MBBS M.Sc
2 Dr. P.Prema Das MBBS M.Sc
3 Dr. C.P.Vishwanatham MBBS M.Sc
4 Dr. A.M.Mohazir mbbs M.S
5 Dr. Mrs.K.Shanthi kumari MBBS M.S
6 Dr. K.Rajendra babu MBBS M.S
7 Dr. K.Sreenivasulu chetty MBBS M.S
8 Dr. k.krupanandam MBBS M.S
9 Dr. k.M.Prabhakhara rao MBBS M.S
10 Dr. B.T Narayana rao MBBS M.Sy
11 Dr. Mrs.C.Bhagyalakshmi MBBS M.S
12 Dr. K.Vijaya saradhi MBBS MS
13 Dr. K.Kanchana latha MBBS M.S
14 Dr. K.S Haniman MBBS M.S
15 Dr. V.Saila kumari MBBS M.S
16 Dr. C.H.jayamma MBBS M.D
17 Dr. K.Chitty narsamma MBBS M.S


1 Dr. K.Chitty narsamma M.S
2 Dr. K.S Haniman M.S
3 Dr. V.Saila kumara M.S
4 Dr. Ch.Jayamma M.D S. Dr. S.K. Vani sree M.D 6. Dr.U. sujatha M.D

Best Student Award has been received by our following Post graduate Students

1 Dr. G.Manoj kumar M.D 2014
2 Dr. G.Uma maheswari M.D 2015
3 Dr. G.Rohini deviM.D 2016
4 Dr. M.SonyJhansi priya M.D 2017
5 Dr. kavitha 2018

Best Student Award has been received by our following Post graduate Students

S.No Name Designation
1 DR .K.Chitty Narasamma M.S.., Professor & HOD
2 DR. CH Jayamma M.D Professor
3 DR. S.K.Vani Sree M.D Assistant Professor
4 DR. U.Sujatha M.D Assistant Professor
5 DR. R.SOMASHEKAR M.D Assistant Professor
6 DR. L.Rajaneesh M.D Assistant Professor
7 DR. Prashanti.T M.D Assistant Professor
8 MR. M.Punar Jeevan Kumar M.SC Tutor
9 DR. B.Madhusudhan Reddy Tutor

Till now 31 PG students has been awarded PG degree & At present we are having 4 PG's

Anatomy is the Ist pillar for the world of medicine. Anatomical knowledge of each & every structure is extremely important to understand the cases studied in medicine, Surgery, Ortho, gynecology, ophthalmology, E.N.T, etc.

Here we will teach each & every part of the human body in respective regions as gross anatomy & systems as general anatomy, along with clinical importance, which is extremely required to understand diseases going to be studied in all clinical departments. In histology we will teach microscopic structure of every tissue of human body which is extremely important to understand physiology, biochemistry , pathology and other branches going to be studied in the later part of MBBS. In Embryology , development of all the systems will be taught which will be extremely required for understanding congenital abnormalities.

For I MBBS students , knowing the anatomy in depth ,by doing dissection on embalmed cadavers is extremely required to prepare them to perform surgeries on living human beings.

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