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Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

The Department of Forensic Medicine established from the establishment of Kurnool Medical College and maintaining its well renounced commemoration in all aspects of academic and medico legal credentials to till date.

The first Professor and HOD was Dr. C. Sarojini M.D. D.G.O. who was even though a Gynecologist by qualification still maintained the academic and medico legal functions to the point perfection. Madam Dr. C. Sarojini was a role model for Forensic Medicine in comparison to various other medical institutes existing in Andhra Pradesh during her tenure i.e. up to 1965.

Following her, Heading the Department of Forensic Medicine of Kurnool Medical College quiet many Forensic Experts emerged who made their unique identity in the administration, academic and medico legal work in this field.

It is my immense respects towards them to mention their names in this juncture like Dr. P.D. Kandlikar, Dr. E. David Edward, Dr. K.S. Narayana Reddy (who also worked as principal of Kurnool Medical College), Dr. Pinnamaneni Koteswara Rao and Dr. M. Nagaraja Rao who were the role models In his faculty. Including our present principal Dr. G.S. Ram Prasad and so many eminent doctors in India and abroad can remember that one of them was their teachers when they were students. Many of their students were established as medico legal expert in various parts of total south India and also parts of north India.

One of the successive Professor and HOD of Forensic Medicine Dr. M.S.R.K. Prasad is the only Forensic faculty who retired in the cadre of Director of Medical Education (notional). To remember some of the most notable medico-legal works done in this department the post mortem examination of Dr. Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy when he was the Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh and four others by names Mr. John Wesley chief security officer of C.M., Mr. P. Subramanyam Chief Secretary, Mr. Bhatia First pilot of the chopper and Mr. M.S. Reddy co-pilot of the chopper who unfortunately died in an accidental chopper crash at Pavuralagutta was done in the department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of Kurnool Medical, College and established the actual cause of death and sequence of crash injuries and who died first in that accidental crash is one of its kind in Indian medico-legal autopsies.

I Dr. B. Lakshmi Narayana took charge of Professor and HOD on 02/03/2011 of Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology and in the same year as per the Government orders I have conducted 3rd exhumation and post mortem examination on the same dead body in Secunderabad and unraveled the exact cause of death which is precidented as “first professor of Forensic Medicine in Asia to conduct 3rd exhumation and post mortem examination on the same dead body” (case under trial). Apart from that I have contributed my services in eliminating corneal blindness by encouraging and also permitting to take the corneas from the suitable cadavers in the mortuary and gratefully acknowledged for my support in this regard by L.V. Prasad eye institute.

Academically and medico-legally the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool is establishing its commendable stand now and even in future.

Present faculty of the Department

1 Dr. B.Lakshmi Narayana, M.D. Professor and HOD
2 Dr. R.Shankar M.D Associate Professor
3 Dr. V.Rajasekhar M.D. Assistant Professor
4 Dr. Y.K.C.Rangaiah M.D. Assistant Professor
5 Dr. m.Praveen Kumar Reddy II Year Postgraduate
6 Dr. G.Dinesh I Year Postgraduate

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