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Department of Gastroenterology

The Dept. was started in 1985 by Dr. Bajranga Pratap mathur as professor of G.E. in a modest way to cater to the needs of people G.I. diseases of Rayalaseema and adjoining Telangana & Karnataka regions.

To start with the Department did not have a pakka buildings and Patients used to be accomodated in various medical wards with lot of persiation. Dr. Bhajranga Pratap could achieve allocation of a seperate ward for G.E. At that time the department was equipped only with rigid endoscopy. In 1989 Dr. Venkatanaidu, a NRI doctor old student of KMC was kind enough to donate a gastroscope and colonoscope. In 1995, the government of A.P. provided 35 lakhs to purchase entire video-endoscope set along with paediatric gastroscope, adult gastroscope, colonoscope and side viewing scope. The important ancillary items like oesophageal dilators, sclerotheraphy needles and polypectomy snares were purchase in the same budget.

Late Dr. Kanna Venkateswarlu joined Dr. Mathur as Asst. professor and later got promoted as professor of G.E. and Posted to KMC in place of Dr. Mathur who got posted in Gandhi Medical College.

With lot of Patience and personal influence Dr. Venkateswarlu got Video Gastroscope., V.Colenscope, V. Sideviewing scope to the dept. and enriched the dept. with all the facilities. He also started a separate live research lab., where in testing for HBV & HCV have done. Then he helped dept. to acquire a separate procedure room for diagnostic & Theraupeutic procedure subsequently 2 assistant professors Dr. V. Shankar Sharma, Dr. O.V.Venkata Ranga Reddy joined under Dr. Kanna Venkateswarlu.

The three together created awareness about incidence and prevalence of HBV infection in Rayalaseema area and advocated mass immunisation for all people below the age of 50 years to reduce the incidence of further HBV infection. This was the 1st campaign for mass immunisation in India after Taiwan they conducted several CME programmes in the KMC, Kurnool Dr. Kanna Venkateswarlu was transferred to Hyd (OMC) as professor G.E. Sadly Dr. Kanna Venkateswarlu also met an accident and died in 2003. Efforts are being made to get two P.G. seats in D.M. G.E. in KMC, Kurnool.

Dr. O.V. Venkata Ranga Reddy
Dr. V. Shankar Sharma

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