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Department of Plastic Surgery

Department of Plastic surgery at Kurnool medical college, Kurnool is a unique blend of dedication and perfection in performing the various Reconstructive surgeries, hand surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, craniofacial clefts and burn surgeries. Plastic surgery is a broad specialty it deals with perfection from head to toe in the department since its origin.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction or alteration of human body. The plastic surgery implies "sculpturing or reshaping". The art of moulding of malleable flesh. Reconstructive surgery techniques were being carried out in India by 800 BC by sushruta an ancient plastic surgeon.

Since its humble origins of the department in the Kurnool medical college, Kurnool. First account of plastic surgery work was evolved in the hands of Dr. Venkata raghava reddy garu, founder HOD of the department of plastic surgery. Dr Reddy served the department effectively up to 1992.Followed by Dr B. Sudershan garu headed the department effectively up to 2013 .

Faculty : The Department of plastic surgery is ably guided by well qualified and experienced faculty but since beginning of its establishment the department is suffering with lack of qualified staff to meet the necessities of needy patients. It comprises of one professor and 2 assistant professors and one tutor to look after the both burns and plastic surgery cases.

Now the department is headed by Dr M.Manjulabai, M.S, M.ch. a brilliant academician and plastic surgeon who is serving the department from 2014 to till now.

Two Asst professors

1 Dr P.S..Rajaravi Kumar M.S, M.ch,
2 Dr K.V.Nagendra Prasad M.S, M.ch both Asst Profs are active and hardworking doctors effectively looking after the departmental activities.

The Department is provided with one plastic surgery unit and one burns unit with attached well functioning plastic surgery operation theatre. Our department performs 24 hrs emergency call duties and emergency surgeries, two days OP, two days elective OTs , and two days pre op preparations per week.

STATISTICS : Total Op cases -around 3500/year (including burns + plastic )
Total in patients - around 1500/year (including Burns + plastic)
Major operations (including elective & emergency)-600/ year.
Minor operations (elective +emergency)-400/year.

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