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Preventive Social Medicine Public Health Association

The birth of the department took place along with other departments in 1956-57. In the initial days the department was nurtured by the pioneers of this branch Dr. Prahlada Rao, Dr. Vallabha Rao and it was their effort that the department was established. Dr. Y. Subramanyam MPH from John Hopkins took over and he was very much liked by every body in the campus for his polished and impecca ble behaviour. He was followed by Dr. Mohammed Ali for a short period from 1962-63 to 1975 Dr. I.L. Narasaiah ran the department with firm hand. In 1975 Dr. T.M.V. Prasada Rao took over and headed the department till 1990. The department has undergone many changes during his period, Post Graduate courses were introduced in 1982. First candidate registered for PG Diploma was Dr. G.B. Saranganath, M.D. was introduced in 1983, first candidate registered for M.D. course was Dr. N. Niranjan Paul. Then there were succession of candidates qualified through this department and they are very well placed. The post graduates alumni brought name and fame to the department by getting selected for National and International level placements. From 1991-93 Dr. K. Janardhan Reddy headed the department supported by Dr. A. Venugopal Sharma as Second Professor.

In 1993 Dr. Prasada Rao has comeback and headed the department till February, 1998. Since then Prof. Dr. C. Niranjan Paul has headed the department, till date. Thanks to our former Chief Minister late Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy garu who played a major role in improving this institution, by giving major grants. Our department has became the first department to acquire computers and other modern equipment (1994-95). Before we turned into new millennium the department has acquired internet facility also. The year 2000 was marked agencies executing various surveys and projects. In the year Nov. 2001 we hosted a state conference and State level CME successfully for three days. Our department organized USA. The faculty was given very good encouragement by the international agencies. A sero surveillance diagnostic laboratory with all modern facilities was established with partnership of PATH. We proudly say that this laboratory is mentioned in WHO monogram. The year 2003 was the brightest year in which Dr. C. Niranjan Paul was given WHO fellowship and invited to Thailand. Dr. A. Sridevi the present Associate Professor, was invited and participated in GTN/WHO on AEFI at Colombo in June, 2003. Dr. Cynthia Subhapradha a postgraduate student has represented international conference of DBIN on Japanese encephalitis and presented a paper. Dr. Akjani Basha the present Assistant Professor introduced indirect ELISA for detection of Filaria Antigens (Filacheck). Dr. V. Venugopal Reddy joined as Professor in September, 2006 who contributed for development of RHC parla earlier and also an alumni of this institution. With active partnership with PATH, PSBH, and India CLEN and other International Agencies the department has participated in National issues and policy making like safe injection practices. AFP control, District supporting supervising activities for strengthening PHC’s and Tribal Health Care. Dr. C. Niranjan Paul is one of the CCT member for safe injection practices in the country and his report of the annual evaluation survey of ICDS project for the year 1994, was selected as one of the best six papers for presentation at the National Conference of ICDS consultants at New Delhi in February, 1995. Undergraduates ICMR projects were accepted in the years 2003 and 2005 through SPM Department. AEFI committee was formed involving Kurnool SPM faculty for Rayalaseema Region as per G.O. Ms. No. 196. Department staff is participating in DTST activities under NLEP in Collaboration with AIFO. Our department staff are being invited as facilitators to other medical colleges in the state and also other states for PSBH training programs.

We also had one international student from Liverpool to work in the department for 3 months. This is not the end, structurally we have enlarged the department in space and quality, an impressive meseum is built, a good seminar room and an undergraduate laboratory have come up. Our department library is UN public reference library. We proudly say that our institute is the second one to get recognition by MCI in our state for both MD and DPH courses.

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