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Department of Radiodiagnosis

Department of Radio diagnosis at GGH, Kurnool started in the year 1958, then onwards it has grown into full fledged department with all Imaging Modalities.

Department of Radio diagnosis is well equipped with all Imaging Modalities from Ancient plain X-ray studies to 1.5Tesla MRI scan unit. In development manner the department added all latest machinery in step by step manner as follows.

1 Plain X-ray Machines 2 Contrast study x-ray machines
3 Fluoroscopy study with IITV x-ray machines 4 Computer Radiography [CR] machines
5 Direct Digital Radiography [DDR] machine 6 Higher end Color Doppler Ultrasound machines [Esaote]
7 16 slices CT scan machine [GE] 8 1.5 Tesla MRI machine [Philips]

All these above equipment is available to give better Diagnosis and Management of patients at GGH, Knl. The department is serving patients from 3 states - Andhra Pradesh,Telangana and Karnataka.

The Staff pattern in the department is as follows. All the departmental faculty are busy in the morning with hospital work and afternoon with Academic activities.

Departmental faculty published many academic original papers and case reports in different indexed National journals.

The department is admitting 7 Post graduates (6 MDRD, and 1 DMRD) every year through NTR university of health sciences. So total Post graduates available in the department will be around 21 at a time.

The Post graduates have shown Talents in the university exams by bagging 1st rank and 2nd rank in the university exams. They also won many Merits and Certificates in state conferences and other Academic Programmes.

Daily around 300 cases of X-rays are taken, 8 to 10 contrast studies done in GIT and GUT, 200 Ultrasound cases done, 100 CT scan cases done and 50 MRI cases done in the department.

Assistant Professors

S.No Name Designation
1 Dr. J.Abdul Gafoor, MDRD,DMRD H.O.D & Professor. of Radio diagnosis
2 Dr. O.Joji Reddy, MDRD Professor
3 Dr. B.Suresh, MDRD Associate Professor
4 Dr. M.Padmalatha, MDRD Associate Professor
5 Dr. D.Harinath, MDRD Assistant Professor
6 Dr. P.Kavitha, MDRD Assistant Professor

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