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Department of General Surgery

The Department of Surgery was started in the year July 1957 with one surgical unit. The first Prof, and Head of the Dept. of Surgery was Dr. K. Ramesh Pai, B.Sc, M.S., F.R.C.S. Later three more general surgical units were added with one Profs and three Asst. Prof, of Surgery for each unit. Later three more units were added totalling Seven (7) units with three faculty members in each unit.

The first sub speciality started in this esteemed institution was Cardio Thoracic Surgery unit in July 1958. Cardiac Catheterization unit was a colourful feather in the cap of Cardio Thoracic unit. The Cardiac Catheterization unit was the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh and second in South East Asia apart from one at C.M.C. Vellore. Cardiothoracic Surgery modular OT’s started in 2016 and all varieties of CT Surgeries are done at present. The other sub specialities like Neuro Surgery, Urology, Paediatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery were added to the Armamentorium of Dept. of Surgery since March 1964, February 1971, November 1975 and March 1976 respectively. The Post graduate course in general surgery M.S. (G.S.) was started during 1962-63. The annual intake of students had been five. Number of PG seats increased from 5 to 10 in the year 2014. Later raised from 10 to 20 in the year 2017. The Dept. of Surgery is recognised for the training of the candidates in the diplo­mat of National Board of Examinations in surgery.


1 Dr. V.Srihari 2 Dr. K.Venkatesh 3 Dr. G.Sambi Reddy
4 Dr. M.Krishna Naik 5 Dr .B.Mohanlal Naik 6 Dr .DVL.Narayana Rao
7 Dr. Md.Jeelani 8 Dr. R.Rama Krishna Naik 9 Dr. K.Madhavi Shyamala
10 Dr. J.Jayaram 11 Dr. S.Vijayashankar 12 Dr. S.Sabira
13 Dr. A.Govindarajulu 14 Dr. Y.Sharada 15 Dr. M.C.Malleswari
16 Dr. N.Ramyadeepthi 17 Dr. M.Chitti Babu 18; Dr. S.Vijaya Babu
19 Dr. G.Rajeev Kumar 20 Dr. B.Madhava Krishna 21 Dr. N.Mallikarjuna
22 Dr. L.Parvathi 23 Dr. Masood Ahmed Shaik 24 Dr. Mansoor Bhasha Shaik

The latest Innovation in surgery i.e. Laparoscopic surgical work and Endoscopic procedures were started in the year 1995 and regular Laparoscopic surgery has been undertaken routinely since then. Department possesses 3 laparoscopic systems in all, two of them are high definition systems. Department possesses Laparoscopic Simulator and a Skill Lab, section library with 400 books, a digital library with internet and wifi connection, an ultrasound scanner, a coffee dispenser, Seminar Hall with latest Audio visual aids, video colonoscope and video upper GI endoscope.

At present, Seven (7) Surgical units are functioning under Six (6) Professors, Four (4) Associate Professors and Fourteen (14) Asst. Professors. The acute surgical care unit has been added up to the Dept. of Surgery. The regular teaching curriculum for Under Graduates and Post Graduates Students being implemented. The surgical stalwarts of this institution, rendering their services both nationally and Internationally. They are reputed for their surgical skills and academic work. The Dept. of Surgery conducted ASICON AP-2014 Conference effectively and efficiently in Kurnool Medical College, in association with ASI AP Chapter, Kurnool branch which was attended by record number of Delegates i.e., over 1250.

More than 40 articles and Research Papers are published in indexed journals to the credit of faculty. PG Students every year win prizes in National Academic competitions like Dr.B.Manoj, Dr.N.S.Indira, Dr.S.Sreeram, Dr.S.Prudvi Raj, Dr.M.Gowtham, Dr.Vishnu Vardhan Reddy, Dr.Meghamsha.GSL, Dr.P.Gowri Naidu, Dr.J.Sandhya. Dr.P.Haricharan, Associate Professor has attend as a Judge for Poster presentation at ASICON-2017 at Jaipur, Dr.V.Srihari, Professor & HOD has attended 4th National wound care workshop at Kolkatta in September 2017 as faculty.

The Dept. of Surgery and allied specialities of Kurnool Medical College and Govt. Gen. Hospital, Kurnool has been catering the Surgical needs of the people of Four Districts of Rayalaseema and adjoining Districts of Mahaboob Nagar, Raichur, Prakasham. Nellore.

Name of Successive Heads of the Department:

1 Dr. S.S.Hussain 2 Dr. K. Ramesh Pai
3 Dr. Chalapathi Naidu 4 Dr. N.Veerabhadra Reddy
5 Dr. Shanmukeswara Rao 6 Dr. PS.Chari
7 Dr. Hari Charan Das 8 Dr. PGV Ranga Rao
9 Dr. S.Chandra Sekhara Sastry 10 Dr. A.Narayana Reddy
11 Dr. P.Rama Das 12 Dr. Surya Prakash Rao
13 Dr. D.S.Venkata Subba Reddy 14 Dr. S.Christopher
15 Dr. G.Lakshmana Prasad 16 Dr. Y.Satyanarayana
17 Dr. Ramanuja Charyulu 18 Dr. D.Vishnu Prasad Rao
19 Dr. R.Viswanath Reddy 20 Dr. M.Krishna Naik
21 Dr. V.Srihari ... Present

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