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Department of Urology

The Department of Urology was started at Kurnool Medical College on 08.04.1971 with professor Dr. A. Vikrama Shimha Reddy M.Ch., trained at AIIMS New Delhi with two assistant professors.

1. Dr. Venkata Rami Reddy 2. Dr. S.V. Ranga Reddy.

Two staff nurses

1) Smt. Rajeswari 2) Smt. Vijaya Lakshmi.

and two technicals

1) Mr. Durgoji Rao 2) Mr. Ramoji Rao

Earlier to 1970 all the urological work used to be managed by the general surgeons the pioneers in development of the urology in A.P. Dr. A.V.S. Reddy, Dr. Chengil Roy and Dr. A. Ranganandha Rao the main burnt and odds were faced by them to separate the urology from general surgeons. There was a lot of resistance from general surgeons under whom all the urology work was going on till the speciality came into existence.

As the popularity of department started increasing public started approaching to help the department. Using their good will with the help of late Dr. K.B. Krishna Mohan the then superintendent, we could get artificial kidney donated by rotary club of Kurnool to urology department. Which was inaugurated by His Excellency the governor of A.P. Sri Mohanlal Sukhadia in March 1976 (03-03-76). Efficiency of the departments further got spread both at Kurnool and outside due to the successful recovery of gardinal poisoning and snake bite patients by using dialysis machines. Which looked like a miracle to the public and the news came in the papers resulting in the visit of V.VIP's to the department to see the recovered patients and machine.

The urology ward was shifted from Susrutha Bhavan to the super speciality block with the effort from Dr. G.V. Krishna i/c professor of urology and Dr. K. Seeta Ramaiha, asst. prof. of urology on Vijaya Dasami day (09-10-2001) with the permission of the then superintendent Dr. Ramachandra.

Mr. Sai Prasad who was the collector at that time was kind enough to sanction nine lakh rupees to the purchase of endo-urological and lithotrpsy machine for the urology department.

Dr. Chandra Shekaran professor of urology and HOD from Stanly Medical College, Chennai came as an inspector for MCI for the sanctioning of MCh, PG Course in the department on 23-01-03 and he certified and recommended for sanction of M.Ch. PG courses in Department of Urology Kurnool Medical College, Kurnool.

Succession list of Urology Professors

1     Dr. A.V.S. Reddy     8.4.1971 to 11.10.1983
2     Dr. Jyothi Reddy     12.10.1983 to 15.08.1991
3     Dr. Sarnath     16.08.1981 to 28.02.1992
4     Dr. V. Satyanarayana     01.03.1992 to 01.02.2000
5     Dr. G.V. Krishna i/c prof.     01.02.2000 to 12.01.2001
6     Dr. Ch. Subba Rao     12.01.2001 to 14.02.2002
7     Dr. G.V. Krishna i/c prof.     15.02.2002 to 17.09.2003
8     Dr. A. Tyagi     18.09.2003 to 18.06.2005
9     Dr. G.V. Krishna i/c prof.     19.06.2005 to update
10     Dr. Seetaramaiah  
11     Dr. G.V. Krishna  

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